Private Puppy Training Options 

(For puppies up to 20 weeks old)


Puppies are adorable! They're also a lot of work and have lots to learn. Is your puppy chewing your shoes? Having accidents in the house? Jumping and nipping? Not coming when called? Disliking car rides or scared at the vet? Is your puppy stealing your socks or tearing up the toilet paper? 

Get your puppy started on the right paw. I can help with socialization, crate training, house training, being left alone, chewing, jumping, barking, basic cues, and much more. Start with an initial consultation and then add one of the options below.


Private Puppy Training Sessions


I teach and coach you how to train your puppy. First we'll meet for an initial consultation, then personalize a package that meets your needs and training goals. Next, we meet for weekly sessions. I show you what to train and practice between sessions. You practice and complete the weekly homework assignments.


  • Customized lesson to help you reach your training goals and fit your puppy's needs
  • A written follow up via email 3-5 days after each session
  • Step by step homework assignments between sessions
  • Personalized one on one coaching with certified professional dog trainer 
  • Email Support 


You want to learn how to train your puppy and have the time to practice daily in between sessions.


  • 90 minute required initial consultation: $150 (+$75 for NYC clients)
  • 60 minutes follow up sessions: $105 each (+$50 for NYC clients)
  • Pre-paid discounted puppy training packages are also available


Puppy Day Training Sessions*

How it works:

First we'll meet for an initial consultation, then personalize a package that meets your needs and training goals. Next, I will train and work with your puppy 2-3 times per week in your home or outdoors for puppies that are ready. I will meet with you every 7-14 days to transfer the skills your puppy has learned.


  • Weekly video clips of training sessions
  • A potty break with session and refilled water bowl 
  • Enrichment activity or interactive toy left behind for your puppy to enjoy**


You have a busy schedule, prefer I do the training for you, and/or would like quicker results.


  • 90 minute required initial consultation: $150 (+$75 for NYC clients)
  • Silver Puppy Day Training Package: $1,260
  • Gold Puppy Day Training Package: $1,620
  • Platnium Puppy Day Training Package: $1980

* Trainer approval required. Day Training Packages are not available for NYC clients. NYC Clients: See One Month Puppy Intensive Training below.

**Activity and toy to be discussed prior.

For NYC Clients only*: 

  • One Month Puppy Intensive Training: $1,740.00 (plus cost of initial consultation, $225.00)

*Trainer approval required. Only available for NYC Clients.

Lulu drives.jpeg

Puppy Day Camp*


I do the training for you while your puppy spends 4 hours with me, one to three times per week.

A Good Fit if:

You have a busy schedule, prefer to have me do the training for you, or simply want a jump start on your puppy's good behavior. This is a great "add on" option to your private puppy training sessions. Puppy Day Camp is also helpful for puppies that need help with socialization, have crate training or potty training issues, or need more practice with training. Your puppy's day will consist of a sequence of socialization, enrichment, and training.  This may include puppy field trips around town once your puppy is ready. 


  • $150 for a 4 hour period

Discounted packages available. Not available for NYC clients.

Not Sure? Have More questions?

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